Left, Boris Johnson, a white man with short blonde hair scratches his head. He wears a white collared shirt and light blue face mask. Right, Brandon Flowers, a white man with spiky black hair wears a red suit and sings into a microphone on a stand.

The prime minister's comments on Tuesday has reminded people of the 2004 hit from the band.

Ian Vogler/WPA Pool/Getty Images and Theo Wargo/Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

It was a comment which sparked anger and ridicule from both politicians and members of the public.

Apparently, “nobody said” to Boris Johnson, the prime minister who has set the rules on lockdown and social interactions during the pandemic, that a party he attended in May last year was against the rules.

“I carry full responsibility for what took place, but nobody told me … Nobody said to me, this is an event that is against the rules, that is in breach of what we’re asking everyone else to do, [and] should not go ahead.

“What I remember is going out into that garden for a short time, [for] 25 minutes or so, thanking staff who have worked on Covid and are continuing to work on Covid, and then going back to my office,” Mr Johnson told Sky News’ Beth Rigby on Tuesday.

The comments come as the Tory leader faces ongoing criticism over a number of parties which took place while the country was in lockdown, with several Conservative MPs submitting letters to Sir Graham Brady calling for a vote of no confidence.

If 10 per cent of Tories (54 MPs) write to the chair of the 1922 requesting a vote, then Mr Johnson would have to plead with his party to keep him in office.

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A vote of confidence would mean he would be unable to be challenged like this again for a whole year, while a loss would see a leadership election called.

However, while people eagerly await a possible announcement from Mr Brady – who never provides a running total of how many letters he has received until the threshold is reached – some have noticed that the prime minister’s remarks sound a little familiar.

More specifically, several Twitter users have drawn comparisons between Mr Johnson’s “nobody told me” and a hit track from The Killers, titled “Somebody Told Me”.

Sounds similar enough.

Time for a Boris and Killers mashup – we definitely think that’s got potential…

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