14 of the funniest jokes about Boris Johnson's screenshot of the first ever 'digital cabinet meeting'

Boris Johnson/Twitter

During these days and months of self-isolation, we have found ourselves more and more dependent on video call services like Skype, Google Hangout and Zoom, which are allowing us to connect with our family and work colleagues from the comfort of our own homes.

That goes for everyone from journalists to the top of government where even they are having to hold incredibly important cabinet meetings over video calls, especially after Boris Johnson tested positive for coronavirus last week.

Therefore on Tuesday, the prime minister held the first-ever "digital cabinet meeting" and shared a screenshot of all the ministers on the call.

On the surface, nothing seems amiss here but if you are familiar with Zoom you will immediately notice that Johnson has shared the user names of some of the highest ranking politicians in the country with the rest of the world, as well as the ID number for the meeting room (although it more than likely has a password attached to it too). Oh and he has also muted the vast majority of them...

Johnson shared this image on Tuesday afternoon and Twitter was soon awash with jokes about the Tweet and the potentially glaring security errors.

When people started to look a little closer they noticed some truly eye-opening things, including Matt Hancock's narrow office, Michael Gove's user name and Liz Truss, who literally has a Union Jack in her house.

It also reminded people of other websites such as Netflix.

Still, at least Liz Truss enjoyed it.

Both Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have tested positive for Covid-19 while Johnson's advisor Dominic Cummings has also shown symptoms forcing him to self-isolate.

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