Boris Johnson has appeared on LBC and claimed he’s an enormous fan of Greggs before failing to name the price of a sausage roll.

Host Nick Ferrari quoted Johnson’s comments after being asked earlier in the week whether he’d ever had a Greggs, to which he replied:

How many times have I ever not had a Greggs? Unless I specifically tell you otherwise, I am made of Greggs.

Ferrari proceeded to ask the chuckling Prime Minister how much a sausage roll cost the last time he went to Greggs. After initially claiming he had no idea, Johnson eventually offered an answer of £1.90 before being told they’re actually only £1.

The Prime Minister went on to add that’d he’d also had vegan sausage rolls with the most bizarre pronunciation of “vegan” imaginable (seriously, you need to hear it), concluding “they’re not bad”.

The twitterati were unimpressed to say the least.

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