Have I Got News For You releases scathing unaired segment about Boris Johnson

Have I Got News For You releases scathing unaired segment about Boris Johnson

At the start of June, prior to the Tory leadership contest beginning, Boris Johnson was facing a possible court hearing over allegations that he mislead the public during the EU referendum.

Johnson would wind up winning the case against him and therefore didn't have to appear in court, with the details to the ruling set to be revealed by the high court judge at a later date.

In the lead up to the hearing, media outlets and broadcasters are prevented from saying anything that could impede the case, thus shows like Have I Got News For You couldn't provide their witty take on the issue.

Now that the case has been dismissed the news based comedy quiz show has been allowed to release their small segment on Johnson's trial and let's just say that Ian Hislop, didn't hold back.

The 58-year-old journalist said:

We'll have to be careful, or they'll cut this out and I don't want anyone to spoil the fun of thinking Boris is going to prison for life.

So, at the moment we are just at the preliminary hearing stage about whether, when he was a public official, he was telling lies and therefore abusing his office.

It should be an interesting trial. Very similar to putting the Pope on trial and saying 'are you a Catholic?'

He was sacked from The Times for lying when he was a young journalist, then sacked from The Telegraph for making stuff up, sacked by his own party for lying about an affair, reprimanded for a piece in the Telegraph earlier this year for lying about a poll.

Special guest host Richar Ayoade then cuts off Hislop and reminds him that they 'can't say anything that might prejudice the case.' He replies:

Well, that's fair enough because I want him to have a fair trial with a desirable result of him being in prison forever. I'm not saying he's guilty.

A clip of Boris Johnson arguing with ITV News' Tom Bradby about the infamous quote on the side of his Vote Leave batttle bus is also aired, where the former foreign secretary furious denies that the figure of £350 million is correct.

The whole thing makes for hilarious viewing but, to a degree, is also excruciating, especially when you consider that Johnson is the clear favourite to become the next prime minister.

However, others accused Have I Got News for You of being complicit in Johnson's rise in popularity, having invited him on the show several times in the past.

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