Boris Johnson branded 'a buffoon' as horrifying photos of dangerously packed beaches emerge

The UK might be moving to stage two of lockdown on the 4 July but it’s not the 4 July yet.

Unfortunately, confused government communications don’t give that impression.

Which is why Boris Johnson is being blamed as pictures of packed beaches emerge during the latest heatwave (cough, cumulative effect of years of global warming) hits the UK.

As parts of the UK hit 32C on Wednesday, people flocked to beaches around the country to cool off and catch some rays.

Most did not seem to be overly concerned with social distancing either, or the 2m rule that Johnson recently amended to be in force “where possible”, with people told to stay 1m apart in circumstances when it is not, while also wearing masks.

Photos from locations like Southend-on-Sea and Bournemouth beach suggest that his advice was not heeded.

People are attributing the influx of people to Johnson’s confusing and contradictory instructions, including his emphasis on the so-called ‘Super Saturday’ when pubs, salons and other businesses will be allowed to reopen.

There was a reminder that the pandemic is very much ongoing.

Others questioned why there weren’t at least restrictions on numbers allowed in.

Boris was personally slammed as “buffoon”.

Johnson’s own words were also held up against the images.

It was also pointed out the beachgoers didn’t exactly tidy up after themselves.

Pooing in burger boxes in the middle of a pandemic while crowding onto beaches...

We know how to put the "great" in Great Britain alright.

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