Boris Johnson suggested Jo Cox's legacy should be Brexit and everyone is livid

Boris Johnson suggested Jo Cox's legacy should be Brexit and everyone is livid

Another day, another offensive statement from our prime minister.

MP Tracy Brabin, who took over the Batley and Spen seat after the murder of Jo Cox, asked Boris Johnson to "moderate his language" so that MPs can "feel secure when we're going about our jobs".

Amid heckles, Johnson continued to refer to legislation trying to block a no-deal Brexit on 31 October as the "surrender act" and "capitulation act," which many see as deliberately divisive.

And it gets worse. He continued:

The best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox, and indeed the best way to bring this country together, would be I think to get Brexit done.

Cox's widower Brendan tweeted that he "[feels] a bit sick" at the way his wife's name has been used in this way.

Johnson has also angered people with his response to MP Paula Sherriff, who similarly asked the PM to stop using "offensive, dangerous or inflammatory" language.

He responded (while semi-smirking):

I have to say Mr Speaker I’ve never heard such humbug in all my life.

The outrage was palpable and his comments have been widely condemned, including by Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson who called them "a total disgrace".

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that she "felt disgust" watching Johnson

Others are similarly appalled by the prime minister's attitude

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