Prank caller tells Nigel Farage he changed his mind about Brexit after being kicked by a horse

Prank caller tells Nigel Farage he changed his mind about Brexit after being kicked by a horse

For both Nigel Farage and James O’Brien alike, the LBC format is a perfect vehicle for stories of magical, life-changing Brexiteer/Remainer transformations.

Regardless of which side the epiphany is in favour of, the format is often much the same.

The caller describes the revelatory moment they realised the error of their ways, or became frustrated with the other side, as the presenter struggles to adopt a tone and facial expression with just the right mix of vindication and paternal concern.

One caller, armed only with impeccable comedic timing, decided to make the most of this now predictable confession.

On a day of high Brexit drama – fuelled by the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to rule the prorogation of parliament unlawful – the mystery prankster decided to strike.

“Mark” began by telling Mr Farage that he was “incredibly grateful” for his contribution to British politics.

He insisted that he had been an “ardent Remainer” who “believed the European Union was the best thing for us” until “something monumental happened” that completely changed his opinion.

Thoroughly hooked, a concerned Nigel asked:

What was that monumental thing, Mark?

Without missing a beat, the caller replied, deadpan:

I was kicked in the head by a horse.

As the clip began to do the rounds on Twitter, people shared their admiration.

On Wednesday morning, Farage was taken to task by the BBC over his “dangerous” description of the highest court in the country as “political”.

In the wake of the decision he described Boris Johnson’s failed move as “the worst political decision ever” and called for top aide Dominic Cummings to resign.

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