Boris Johnson genuinely just said he's never told a lie

Friday 29 November 2019 15:45

Much like President Trump, the UK's prime minister has a long history of bold statements and people accusing him of being misleading or dishonest.

In a recent interview, Johnson was told by ITV News reporter Paul Brand that “trust” was a big problem for voters. He asked Johnson to look him in the eye and say, truthfully, that he has never lied during his political career.

First, he insisted: “absolutely not”. But then continued to hedge, saying: “I've never tried to deceive the public and I've always tried to be frank.” Which is slightly less convincing if we're being honest.

“Not even a white lie?” Brand nudges, trying to eke out the truth.

Seeming barely convinced himself, Johnson responded with the following:

I may have got things wrong. And I may have been, er, mistaken, but I've never tried to deceive people about the way I see things.

He didn’t elaborate on what his mistakes were, but Jo Swinson pointed out that Johnson has been “sacked twice for lying”.

Of course, we’ll all remember the Big One – being taken to court for the “Brexit bus” and its lie about the money the NHS will receive. Oh, and his affair. And his poor reasons for proroguing Parliament which included apparently misleading the actual Queen..

Maybe "I don't lie" will just ending up being another fib on the list. People certainly didn't hold back with their comments...

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