The moment a floundering Boris Johnson appears to forget he's being filmed during radio interview

Friday 29 November 2019 12:45

During a line of questioning about social care during an LBC interview, Boris Johnson suddenly pulls a face and makes a “cutthroat” motion with his hand.

People are divided over what exactly he meant by it, with many believing that he forgot he was being filmed.

Some think that he’s indicating to cut the question short and move on to something less challenging.

LBC released a statement calling these beliefs a “conspiracy” and saying that he was actually mimicking LBC’s Nick Ferrari.

“In the video below, you can clearly see Nick's hands wildly moving in the bottom corner of the screen,” said LBC.

Johnson said:

The reason I was momentarily distracted is because I was looking at the TV screen and there was a picture of me drawing my hand across my throat. But that was only because I was imitating you.

Later Ferrari took the blame, claiming that he was telling people in the room to be quiet, speaking of the moment he said:

Someone was talking in my ear. We now have throatgate.

It was aping my signal which was telling someone in a rather brutal fashion to be quiet!

Regardless, many are commenting on the “nasty” face Johnson pulled and how it was timed with a difficult question.

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