Boris Johnson posed with military chiefs and the jokes wrote themselves

Boris Johnson/Twitter

Boris Johnson, our prime minister, whose middle name is 'de Pfeffel', posted a photo of himself posing with military generals on Twitter, and the internet couldn't resist making jokes about it.

On the face of it, probably quite a well-meaning tweet, but also a little bit Trumpian. 'Our great nation' - do we say this now?

The last few years have proved that we're anything but.

Regardless, in the aftermath of the photo, the internet had a grand old time of doing what we Brits are actually good at, making fun of things. Here are some of the best responses;

This one gets to the point pretty quickly...

And you know it's bad if Alistair Campbell is getting involved on a personal level

We hope Armando Ianucci was watching...

Plus, is it even political satire without a Blackadder reference?

The Prime Minister was meeting with military generals to announce an added £2.2 billion boost to the UK's defence budget, and this was one of many tweets where Boris showcased himself meeting with and admiring the armed forces this week. After the hospital debacle, which he has tried to pass of as a good thing. We're sure Brexit has nothing to do with us having to spend more to protect ourselves. Nothing at all.

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