Boris Johnson tried to claim his 'no press here' lie during a London hospital visit wasn't embarrassing

Barely hot off the heels of using a bunch of police officers to try and improve his image (leading to one of them to pass out), the prime minister yesterday tried to repeat the trick with NHS workers.

While wandering aimlessly around Whipps Cross University Hospital in east London, Boris Johnson was called out by a parent whose 7-day old baby daughter was being treated there.

Quite reasonably, the man pointed out that:

“The NHS has been destroyed ... and now you come here for a press opportunity.”

Instead of trying to defend himself, apologise, or even deflect the question in that classic politician style one would assume they teach at Eton, Johnson's immediate response was to just... lie.

Ignoring the reporters and TV cameras standing right in front of him, he responded indignantly:

"There's no press here!"

Of course, people pointed out the blindingly obvious, but Johnson's denial runs deep and he ostensibly completely failed to see why being caught as an opportunistic liar would be in the least bit embarrassing.

(To be fair, he's probably quite used to it by now...)

Needless to say, no one agreed with his assessment:

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