Boris Johnson bizarrely compares himself to OJ Simpson while struggling to put on a glove

Boris Johnson bizarrely compares himself to OJ Simpson while struggling to put on a glove

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made an awkward comparison between himself and disgraced former American football star OJ Simpson on Wednesday during a visit to Covid vaccination centre in Wales.

Johnson was paying a visit to a site in Cwmbran, in south Wales, and as has been mandatory for almost 12 months now, Covid safety protocols were in place for everyone on location.

As well as wearing a mask, Johnson also had to wear a pair of blue latex gloves. Now, if you’ve ever tried to put on a pair of these you’ll be well aware that they aren’t the easiest things to slip over your hands but Johnson appeared to have more trouble than most.

While being instructed by an on-site staff member, the prime minister could be heard saying “I feel like OJ Simpson” when struggling to get the first glove on his right hand. The baffled staff member could only reply awkwardly by saying “absolutely” before conceding that she also struggles with the gloves due to the size of her hands.

Johnson didn’t have much ease with the second glove either but eventually got it on but the OJ Simpson remark has raised a few eyebrows on social media.

Johnson was making a reference to the infamous OJ Simpson murder trial when the sports star turned actor was accused and later acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goodman.

The joke about the glove comes from possibly the most notorious moment in the trial, which was televised around the world when Simpson was asked to try on a glove that was found at the scene of the crime that was being used as a key piece of evidence against him. However, when Simpson came to try on the glove the defence argued that it couldn’t have been his as it was far too small.

Although Simpson was found not guilty of murder, he was ordered by a civil court jury to pay $33.5m in compensation to the victims’ families which led to further financial and legal trouble.

In regards to the Covid situation in the UK, the government has now claimed that more than 15 million people have already received their first jab. Meanwhile, Johnson has been under pressure to ease lockdown restrictions which he has said he will take a “prudent and cautious” approach too.

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