The 21 funniest reactions to Theresa May's cabinet reshuffle

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Struggling to keep up on the recent round of resignations and reshuffles at No 10?

Twenty-four hours of political turmoil, triggered by deepening anger over the prime minister's Brexit plans, have left all of us confused.

Thankfully, we're here to help you out - in meme form. It's basically the modern news bulletin, but with better jokes.

David Davis kicked off Theresa May's nightmare by dramatically resigning as Brexit Secretary, all before Boris Johnson one-upped him by quitting as foreign secretary just a few hours later.

Drafted in as replacements are prominent Leave campaigner Dominic Raab, stepping into Davis' shoes, and Jeremy Hunt replacing Johnson.

Filling in for Hunt's vacated health secretary role is former culture secretary Matt Hancock, and replacing Hancock as culture secretary is Jeremy Wright.


Oh, wait: a junior minister at the Brexit department, Steven Baker, also resigned, and is to be replaced by Chris Heaton-Harris. But no one seemed to really care.

People feel like the government is falling apart.

No one has time for this.

You know it's getting serious when the Harry Potter references begin.

It is said that at times of political upheaval, a Harry Potter comparison is as certain Voldemort turning up at Hogwarts to ruin Harry's summer term.

Some people wished the departing parliamentarians well though.

People were scrambling around for a new foreign secretary.

Jeremy Hunt received a mixed welcome. By mixed, we mean mainly bad.

Matt Hancock, clearly a fitting replacement for Hunt, didn't fare much better.

And nor did Hancock's replacement, Jeremy Wright.

People aren't impressed that the secretary of state for digital, culture, media and sport (note the 'digital' part) seems to have an almost non-existent internet presence.

The silver lining for Wright is that he'll presumably be spared from reading these unimpressed tweets.

Wait, is there a pattern emerging?

But at least people found something to be feel hopeful about.

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