David Davis resigned and the internet reacted in the only way it knows how

Now David Davis has resigned as Brexit secretary, England's World Cup success might be the only thing holding the country together. Well, that and the rejuvenated hope this is all an extended waking nightmare.

Davis quit his cabinet job on Sunday night following a major row with Theresa May over her plans for post-Brexit relations with the EU, saying May had "given away too much too easily" and that he would be the "odd man out" on her Brexit plan.

Unsurprisingly, people weren't impressed with a resignation from the man who insisted negotiations would be settled within weeks, that we'd have a trade deal "massively larger" than the EU - impressive stuff, given the EU is a quarter of global GDP - and that the UK could leave the single market and customs union with no economic drawbacks.

Before we begin the exhausting task of sizing up his replacement, Leave campaigner Dominic Raab, we must pay tribute to Davis in the only way an emotional internet knows how. For with anger, comes memes.

Perhaps we have more in common with Davis than we thought.

After all, we've all had that Sunday night feeling.

Though not all of us have struggled quite so much with our careers.

Or appeared to put quite so little effort in.

With his resignation came the painful reminder of what we've got ourselves into.

Larry the Cat held nothing back.

The World Cup even got a look in, inspired by the recent Harry Maguire meme.

And the harsh reality that we are better at kicking a ball about than securing our economic and political future.

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