Boris Johnson speech: All the reaction from his resignation

Boris Johnson speech: All the reaction from his resignation

After what feels like years of blunders, off-colour jokes and embarrassing moments, Boris Johnson has finally resigned from the cabinet, allowing his many critics to take a deep sigh of relief.

Somewhat bizarrely, Johnson scheduled a resignation speech in the House of Commons a week after he resigned as foreign secretary. It seems Theresa May was right when she wearily exclaimed “Boris is Boris” as a faint defence last year.

In his speech, Johnson was critical of May’s approach to Brexit, calling her newly unveiled plan “miserable”. He also implored his colleagues and voters to “believe in this country and what it can do”, before asserting that there was still time to “save” Brexit.

In such divided times, there is perhaps no figure, other than Trump, who is more divisive than Johnson. Naturally, given the politically polarised times we’re living in, reactions to his resignation speech were split between adoration and condemnation. But it's fair to say the later prevailed, with his critics responding in brutal fashion to the speech.

Some mocked his public speaking ability.

While others made it clear he won’t be missed.

Opponents of Brexit were largely unimpressed with the speech, with many pointing out various factual inaccuracies and his failure to grasp basic issues such as the Irish border.

Whereas others on the left warned of a possible Johnson leadership bid.

Though not everyone views a Johnson leadership bid as a bad thing. Supporters of his lauded the speech, hinting that a leadership challenge may soon be on the cards.

Despite his divisiveness, Johnson still has political allies, particularly among those who support Brexit, a vote which he was instrumental in winning in 2016.

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