Parliament's 'Black Rod' has become the internet's new favourite meme

Parliament's 'Black Rod' has become the internet's new favourite meme

Amid all the chaos during last night's parliamentary debates before the Commons was suspended for five weeks, one woman made a star appearance - Black Rod.

The senior officer in the House of Lords, also known as Lady Usher of the Black Rod, arrived in the chamber late at night to begin the prorogation process.

Dressed in a full ceremonial outfit complete with a gold chain and staff, she arrived to lead the Speaker John Bercow to the House of Lords.

But as Black Rod began to address Bercow, several MPs tried to pin the Speaker to his chair to stop him from leaving. One Labour MP even lay across Bercow momentarily as a group of opposition MPS held up signs reading "Silenced".

After all the night's drama, Black Rod has emerged as the internet's new favourite meme

People from outside the UK had a few questions...

While others thought her presence was an embarrassing indictment of arcane parliamentary procedure

And the comparisons from Prince to video game characters and techno producers came rolling in...

In Rod We Trust

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