British prime minister Boris Johnson had a momentary disaster with an umbrella today while sat next to, of all people, Prince Charles.

Johnson and Charles were in attendance at the National Memorial Arboretum today in Alrewas, Staffordshire where the royal was unveiling a new 12-metre high £4 million memorial that recognised police officers who have died in the line of duty.

However, before the statue was officially unveiled, there was a brief downpour and Johnson really managed to make a scene.

Firstly, Johnson, who already had the brolly over his head, appeared to offer it to someone who was sat behind Charles but, while doing this, managed to flick the latch that was holding the umbrella open, causing it to close again.

Sky News

As anyone would, Johnson then tried to open the umbrella again but either did it too forcefully or was caught by a gust of wind, prompting the whole thing to turn inside out and causing the prime minister to look completely befuddled by what had just happened. Meanwhile, Charles was far too engaged in conversation to notice.

Sky News

At this point, people had started to laugh at the debacle that was unfolding before them and even Johnson had to have a chuckle at his own expense. The prime minister then forcefully put the brolly back to normal (which surely can’t be good for the umbrella) and, by this point, even Charles was laughing.

This type of incident could only really happen to Johnson who has a litany of calamitous moments to his name and this is just another one to add to the pile. People clearly agree, with some feeling it was inappropriate to act in such a way considering the manner of the occasion.

This is hardly the first time that Johnson has embarrassed himself in front of police officers. In September 2019, he gave a speech so long that an officer standing behind him almost fainted and earlier this week he was filmed talking to dog handlers at Surrey Police headquarters about his own dog’s “romantic urges.”

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