Men are having more secret Botox treatments than ever before, new research finds

Men are having more secret Botox treatments than ever before, new research finds
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It appears as though more men are having Botox than ever before – we just didn't know about it as it's seemingly a best-kept secret.

The survey by Dr Imran Sayed at Chelsea & Fulham Dentist lifted the lid on how open people are when it comes to cosmetic procedures including the popular muscle relaxing treatment and facial fillers.

One in four women (23 per cent) are transparent about tweakments, whereas only eight per cent of men are said to share the news.

Over half of the male participants in the study (52 per cent) said they'd be open to a procedure at some point in their lives, with three out of four people under the age of 34 saying they would consider Botox if they felt like they needed it.

The survey also showed millions admitted they would prefer to use a medical expert such as a doctor if they were to have the procedure.

Dr Sayed suggests it shows a real shift in men becoming more receptive to the treatment as a solution to help reverse the signs of ageing.

He believes that this to be a result of societal norms around male grooming shifting in recent years.

"There is now certainly less stigma associated with male personal care," Dr Sayed told Indy100, adding that social media have a role to play in this.

"We are constantly exposed to images and dialogues from well-groomed, aesthetically enhanced ‘normal’ men, not just celebrities," he continued. "It has also become a useful platform to increase awareness and educate men, especially about the advancements in facial aesthetics."


Speaking about the results, Dr Sayed said: "The survey highlights some interesting results about how men view having Botox. Although men are much more secretive about having the procedure more and more are considering the anti-ageing injections at some point in their lives.

"It is surprising to see how few are aware that many dentists offer services like Botox injections. As medical professionals who use syringes on a daily basis, we are perfectly placed to provide this service safely and effectively."

For anyone considering a treatment, Dr Sayed recommends starting with a consultation with a qualified professional, as well as researching their credentials and asking to see their portfolio.

"Choose a qualified practitioner who is registered, trained and experienced in administering injectable treatments e.g. dermatologist, dentist, or plastic surgeon, and make sure their results align with your specific needs – beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but appearances will be influenced by the hand of the injector so make sure it is agreed before treatment," he explained.

It's also crucial to understand the procedure and the associated risks and benefits.

Dr Sayed further advised to "choose a credible treatment facility that has to adhere to professional medical and hygiene standards and make sure you are happy with the aftercare in place. Ultimately, find a qualified professional with whom you feel comfortable discussing your concerns and whom you feel confident can deliver your desired treatment safely and effectively."

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