The past few months have arguably been among the most uncomfortable and controversial in the history of American politics.

On 6 October, Brett Kavanaugh ws confirmed as a Supreme Court justice following an FBI investigation in sexual assault claims made against him by Dr Christine Blasey Ford.

He was ceremonially sworn in by president Trump on 8 October and he became the first Supreme Court justice to hire only women as law clerks.

Although they are still claims and allegations, the way that Ford was treated during the investigation and afterwards was a little hard to stomach.

Yet for some, who haven't experienced sexual assault, sympathising with Ford proved to be difficult, when it really shouldn't have been.

In an attempt to fix that, writer A.R. Moxon, composed a clever analogy for men, to explain why it's so painful for women to hear stories like Ford's and for them to be basically ignored.

His Twitter thread cleverly uses the painful experience of a man being kicked in the genitals as a way of perfectly explaining why most women will object to Kavanaugh's appointment, guilty or not guilty.

The thread has since gone viral and, judging by the responses, his analogy has proved to be successful and has even inspired some other analogies.

Unfortunately, there were some that didn't quite agree with what Moxon had to say.

Despite those few naysayers, hopefully, threads like this and further discussion of sexual assault can help improve the environment for everyone going forward.

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