A man called Brett Kavanagh is not having a great time on Twitter at the moment

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It's well known that there are unfortunate names out there - especially when they're shared with celebrities. However, this poor guy shares almost every letter of his name with Brett Kavanaugh, the incoming Supreme Court justice who has been accused of sexual assault.

Taking to Twitter, Brett Kavanagh shared his frustrations:

This is a terrible time to be named Brett Kavanagh

The less famous Brett Kavanagh identifies himself as a customer guide at Goodson Clothing and Supplies company, as well as being a Carolina Panthers fanatic, who is based in Kentucky.

Kavanagh hasn't commented further on what it's like to share his name with someone who has become synonymous with white male privilege, but many other Twitter users have chimed in with their commiserations, especially others who have names that are identical to celebrities.

There was an Anne Cutler - not Ann Coulter.

A beleaguered Sean Spicer.

Even a Mike Pence.

Then there were lots of celebrity namesakes...

Some suggested to Kavanagh that it's probably not the best time to be tweeting about a love of beer...

While others wished that Kavanagh not Kavanaugh was on the Supreme Court.

And another summed the whole thing up.

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