On Monday, it was revealed that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegedly got into a drunken brawl at a New Haven bar after a UB40 gig in 1985.

The New York Timesreleased police reports from the altercation, which state that Kavanaugh and two of his classmates from Yale University, Chad Ludington and Chris Dudley, were questioned by police after a brawl with a man that they thought was Ali Campbell, the lead singer of UB40.

According to the report, it wasn't. It was, in fact, a man named Dom Cozzolino, who didn't appreciate being stared at by the group of youths, and told them so.

The report shows that the Kavanaugh allegedly responded by throwing ice at Cozzolino. Another member of the group, Dudley, a Yale basketball player, then allegedly threw a glass at Cozzolino, which hit him and caused an injury to his ear that sent him to hospital.

Kavanaugh, who has been accused of sexual assault on two women, has been accused of behaving belligerently while drunk in his youth. Kavanaugh denies all the allegations of sexual assault.

At the time of writing, the White House, Mr Dudley, Mr Cozzolino, and UB40 have not issued a statement regards the incident.

If you're among the younger demographic of indy100 readers, then you may not know that UB40 are a classic 80s British reggae band, who shot into the charts with such catchy tunes as 'Red Red Wine', and 'I Got You Babe'.

Twitter responded with a whole lot of memes...

Many referenced the fact that they didn't realise Kavanaugh liked 'red red wine'...

Others just made generic UB40 jokes...

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