Tory Brexiteer ridiculed for trying to claim Remainers are just 'sore losers'

Tory Brexiteer ridiculed for trying to claim Remainers are just 'sore losers'
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Tory Brexiteer Andrea Jenkyns branded Remainers "sore losers" after a disastrous attempt at defending the government's U-turn on the Withdrawal Agreement.

Jenkyns accused the EU of failing to stick to their side of the deal and reacted with fury to the suggestion that Boris Johnson is a liar, despite the fact that he's being accused of 'ripping up' the agreement he made with the EU.

Speaking to Labour MP Chris Bryant and journalist Adam Boulton on All Out Politics, Jenkyns said:

I just want to pick up on Chris's point. [...] 

How dare you call the prime minister a liar when – look at your party. You came out to say you'd honour the referendum result, then the last three years you've done everything to thwart Brexit, stop it happening, then what do you do? You elect the biggest arch-Remainer in your party. 

Jenkyns also claimed that the EU have "not stuck to a word of this negotiation".

In response, Boulton accused Jenkyns of "turning the guns on the Labour party". He added:

I haven't noticed this Labour party opposing Brexit. This just shows that what this government is doing is putting campaigning ahead of the interests of the country.

Attack Labour, and attack a treaty you signed yourself, and don't actually get on with doing the hard work of reaching an agreement in the interests of everyone in this country.

Bryant also stuck by his criticism of Johnson, saying:

The prime minister is a liar. It's a proven fact. I mean, he'd admitted that he's a liar. In a sense I don't care about him lying as an individual, but what I do worry about is that Britain is now getting a reputation for being a country that don't stand by its word.

He then added that he doubts the government will be able to break the Withdrawal Agreement they signed, and that what they are really angling to do is push through a no-deal Brexit in January.

(Although Johnson has made contradictory statements about Brexit, he doesn't appear to have openly admitted to being a liar – in fact he once claimed he's never told a lie in his political career.)

After the programme aired, Jenkyns took to social media to brand writers at The New European who covered the story "sore losers", adding "#GetOverItYouLost".

Given that Jenkyns's party don't even seem to be able to agree on what it actually is they've won, she was immediately met with ridicule.

Leavers may have 'won' the EU referendum, but almost five years later we're still waiting to find out what exactly their prize will actually look like.

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