Brexit... you might have heard of it.

It's the craze that is currently sweeping the nation and no one can decide whether they want it or not, or what shape it should take.

Some really want it and in the worst possible incarnation, while others want it but not that badly.

Others are completely opposed to it, but the powers that be aren't exactly listening to them either.

The whole thing is an omnishambles and if aliens were to land on Earth right this second, we're not really sure how we would explain it to them.

Perhaps we would show them this clip of two Welsh men having a right old back-and-forth, which serves as a perfect microcosm of the Brexit debate.

As you can see this really is a Brexit bingo and covers all the subjects and tired cliches that we have heard for the last two and a half years.

✔ 52 - 48 not being conclusive

✔ "That's democracy"

✔ "For 40 years the EU has done nothing for us"

✔ Information on how the EU has helped people who voted against it

✔ Leave voters getting offended by a comparison and then a Remainer trying to apologise

✔ 'Fake news media'

✔ Second referendum

✔ "Why are you afraid of a no-deal?"

✔ 'This country fought a World War' cliche

✔ Project fear

✔ We don't need Europe

It's a storm in a teacup, but it's hard to disagree that it doesn't make for good TV and is infinitely more interesting than watching the MPs in Westminster consistently bickering and getting absolutely nowhere - and Twitter clearly agrees.

HT BBC Wales News

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