A caller to James O’Brien’s LBC show has revealed that he feels he was 'fooled' during the 2016 EU referendum and would vote Remain now if he could.

Daniel from Newton Abbot, Devon was clearly emotional when speaking to O'Brien, said:

I wasn’t just a passionate Leaver, I drove people to the booth to vote Leave.

The caller wanted to leave Europe largely because he believed they were pushing TTIP, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, a series of trade negotiations between the EU and the US.

The only catch is that the negotiations came to an end in early 2016.

Daniel explained that he wouldn’t usually vote for Jeremy Corbyn but he was the “only one offering a customs union” which would “take any trade with America put of the question.”

O’Brien responded:

Your fears of us somehow being compelled to adopt American standards in various areas motivated your Leave vote, and the same fears today would motivate a Remain vote.

The caller concurred, simply concluding “I don’t want TTIP under any guise.”


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