21 of the funniest reactions to the 'anti-climatic' Brexit celebrations

21 of the funniest reactions to the 'anti-climatic' Brexit celebrations

That's it. We're out. Done. Finished. The UK is no longer a part of the European Union (but is somehow more shackled to it than ever before) and doesn't it feel great to breathe that fresh air of freedom?

Not everyone will agree with that statement but there was the sentiment on the streets of Westminster on Friday night as thousands gathered to 'celebrate' Brexit with a party, of sorts, organised by the government and Nigel Farage's Brexit Party.

There were celebrations across the country but the main party was near parliament and Downing Street as a 60-minute projection was beamed onto Number 10 counting down the UK's final hour in the EU and then fireworks were let off at 11pm. It was hardly New Years Eve. You would think after three-and-a-half years the spectacle would have been a bit better than this.

For those wanting a quiet Friday night in, the fireworks were an unwelcome reminder at what had just happened.

Meanwhile, the much-debated 'Big Ben bongs for Brexit' didn't happen at all and was not much more than a badly recorded sound of bells from a Casio keyboard. Talk an anti-climax.

Amusingly, the only sound coming from Big Ben was that of a projection by Led By Donkeys, thus continuing their relentless trolling of Brexiteers up until the bitter end.

Of course, Farage was there and footage of his party reminded us of something that Jon Snow said not so long ago.

These women's comments on the evening have become almost emblematic of the entire Brexit debate.

Here is another sage point by Wayne from Kettering.

One silver lining is at least Farage doesn't have much of a platform anymore.

Might wanna rethink that bit about being an Independent Sovereign Nation, Julia.

It remains to be seen what will happen next as the UK enters potentially years of negotiations with the EU but in the meantime let's appreciate the jokes and the mockery because if you can't cry you might as well laugh.

Meanwhile, just take a look at the contrast between these two images. Says it all really, doesn't it?

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