This viral newspaper comment nails Britain after Brexit perfectly

Brexit is a political and economic transition which has engendered a lot of subdefinitions: "soft", "hard", "smexit", "plus plus plus" and most gratingly "means Brexit".

It also inspired a lot of mythology among reader comments in esteemed publications - the poisoned chalice theory perhaps most prominently.

A Sunday Times sports journalist, Duncan Castles, recently drew attention to a comment on the Financial Times website, which mocked an argument between Leave and Remain over Brexit.

Many people felt it captured the situation perfectly:

The comment by 'Ishtar Ostaria', read:

So, this is how the debate reads so far. I kid you not, it’s practically verbatim:

Remainers (left holding the Brexit baby after the Leavers… left) 'WTF?'

Leavers ‘We voted Brexit, now You Remainers need to implement it’

Remainers ‘But it’s not possible!’

Leavers ‘The People Have Spoken. Therefore it is possible. You just have to think positively.’

Remainers ‘And do what exactly?’

Leavers ‘Come up with a Plan that will leave us all better off outside the EU than in it’

Remainers ‘But it’s not possible!’

Leavers ‘Quit with the negative vibes. The People Have Spoken.’

Remainers ‘But even you don’t know how!’

Leavers ‘That’s your problem, we’ve done our bit and voted, we’re going to sit here and eat popcorn and watch as you do it.’

Remainers ‘Shouldn’t you do it?’

Leavers ‘It’s not up to us to work out the detail, it’s up to you experts.’

Remainers ‘I thought you’d had enough of experts’

Leavers ‘Remain experts.’

Remainers ‘There are no Leave experts’

Leavers ‘Then you’ll have to do it then. Oh, and by the way, no dragging your feet or complaining about it, because if you do a deal we don’t want, we’ll eat you alive.’

Remainers ‘But you don’t know what you want!’

Leavers ‘We want massive economic growth, no migration, free trade with the EU and every other country, on our terms, the revival of British industry, re-open the coal mines, tea and vicars on every village green, some bunting, and maybe restoration of the empire.’

Remainers ‘You’re delusional.’

Leavers ‘We’re a delusional majority. DEMOCRACY! So do the thing that isn’t possible, very quickly, and give all Leavers what they want, even though they don’t know what they want, and ignore the 16 million other voters who disagree. They’re tight trouser latte-sipping hipsters who whine all the time, who cares.’

The comment struck accord with those who see a senselessness in the 'Leave' vote and has been the attention of widespread coverage for its popularity.

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