UK citizens are being hilariously melodramatic online about Brexit Day

Moya Lothian-McLean@moya_lm
Friday 31 January 2020 08:00

Well, here we are. After nearly four years of wrangling, the UK is poised to leave the EU at 11pm tonight.

Forecasts for UK’s post-Brexit future are not exactly confidence building in the promise of a “better Britain”.

There’s the annual £2bn hole in funding for the UK’s poorest areas that will need to be filled once the EU cash dries up.

The potential staff shortage and rise in medicine pricing for the NHS.

And the fear of what Brexit – and its trade tariffs – could mean for UK businesses, with no trade deal yet agreed with the EU.

So there’s certainly concerns to consider. However, some UK citizens are being a tad… melodramatic online about their last full official day as EU citizens.

How very British.

Over on Twitter, people have been posting pictures and thoughts on the topic.

Some are measured mediations, expressing solidarity with those affected by the strong xenophobic undercurrent that has been present throughout the Brexit process.

Others were… more concerned with what queue they’d have to stand in for passport control.

(FYI, travel regulations don’t change until 1 January 2021. So your precious fast-track is safe for now).

Then there were the people who had radical plans to defy Brexit and forge good foreign relations with European powers via a… dinner party.

And of course, some wildly sentimental and seemingly unrelated British literature quotes were churned out.

Luckily, there were some genuinely funny last day observations to be seen.

Like this Come Dine With Me x Boris Johnson mashup from Derry Girls star, Nicola Coughlan.

And perhaps the best metaphor for Brexit yet – the famous Brussels statue of Manneken Pis aka ‘Little Pissing Man’, who got all dressed up for the occasion.

Happy Brexit Day.

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