Over the last three years, Brexit has added a fair few words to its very own unique lexicon.

The latest is "flextension", which is the term being given to the extension Boris Johnson has just been granted by the European Union.

Now, rather than leaving on October 31, we have until January 31 to sort out a deal, so at least it won't ruin your Halloween celebrations.

The term, coined by EU Council President Donald Tusk, essentially means that we could leave before the deadline - but only if a deal was approved by Parliament.

Boris Johnson was required to request the extension. While he'd been pretty dead set on a "do or die" exit with or without a deal, he's had no choice but to accept the offer.

Many believe this means we can't leave without a deal – but we'll see.

In the meantime, Twitter has been having some fun making jokes and memes about the so-called flextension.

Let's also take some time to remember this now iconic quote from Mark Francois.

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