If you are in need of a perfect example of just how badly the government has handled Brexit, allow us to take you on a little trip to Belgium.

Over in the Flemish Region of the country, also known as Flanders, the government have erected a Brexit transport information point in Jabbeke which they unveiled on Wednesday.

You might notice the sign that the two people in the picture are standing next to. It reads 'Soyez Pret pour le Brexit' which roughly translates to 'Get Ready for Brexit' and is essentially the same as the costly advertising campaign that has been on every high street in Britain in recent weeks.

The problem here is that this sign is in French but the people of this particular region don't speak French. They speak Flemish and it doesn't take an expert to realise that this not only doesn't make a blind bit of sense to the people of Flanders.

Predictably, the folks have Twitter have picked up on this rather colossal cock-up by the government and have been happily pointing out this glaring error.

Indy100 has contacted the British Embassy in Belgium for comment.

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