Tory candidate mocked for claiming that there is a 'mood for Brexit' in photo featuring no one else

Tory candidate mocked for claiming that there is a 'mood for Brexit' in photo featuring no one else

Brexit and the looming general election is doing a lot of strange things to people, including the very MPs who are campaigning for office.

Step-forward Havard Hughes, who is vying for the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr seat in north Wales, where he is hoping to oust the current MP, Jonathan Edwards of Plaid Cymru.

Hughes campaigned for the seat in 2017 but he is hoping that the Tories policy of 'getting Brexit done' will win over voters this time as there is apparently a 'mood for Brexit on the streets of Carmarthenshire.'

Yes, as you can see, the good people of north Wales are basically rioting in the streets at the UK's failure to leave the EU and had assembled in their masses to demonstrate the point.

However, Hughes failed to capture this 'mood' in his tweet as there was literally no one else in the picture with him and the 'mood' looked more like a wet and cold countryside path.

This small point didn't go unnoticed on Twitter with people pointing out the obvious.

If you are interested, Carmarthenshire voted 53 per cent for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum so there may very well be a mood for Brexit there but it wasn't obvious from Hughes's tweet.

Speaking to Indy100 Hughes said:

Beautiful Carmarthenshire is a rural Welsh speaking constituency with many small country lanes. 

In Cynhordy where we were campaigning the viaduct is the most famous landmark. Just because people's houses are wide apart doesn't mean their vote doesn't count.

Shame that remain supporters can't accept Carmarthenshire voted leave and the New European couldn't spell my Welsh name correctly.​

HT New European

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