James O'Brien made a video fact-checking things Dominic Raab has said, so the MP blocked him

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In this day and age, some politicians are as thin-skinned as they come.

There’s the tangerine-in-chief across the pond, but Britain is also home to many politicians who can dish it out but certainly can’t take it.

One example of this is former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, whose career highlights include not realising Britain is an island and resigning over a withdrawal deal he negotiated.

Broadcaster James O’Brien created a 7-minute long video for LBC Radio of Raab’s various failures, fact-checking things he's said on record.

The video features Raab’s U-turns, inconsistencies and false claims. These include calling funding for disabled people a “childish wish list”.

Raab also said that the “typical user” of foodbanks has a “cash flow problem”, using false claims which he attributed to a food bank organisation The Trussell Trust.

As Brexit secretary, tasked with solving issues around the Irish border, Raab admitted he hadn't read the Belfast Agreement, also known as the Good Friday agreement, which led to peace on the island of Ireland.

O’Brien finished the video by saying:

Is it possible he could be more wrong about everything?

Even if he said I am going to be the most wrong person in wrong land.

So how did Raab respond? Did he refute the video, using the powers of free speech he and fellow Tories profess their love for? Did he make his own video?


... Well, sort of.

He did respond:

But then promptly blocked O’Brien on Twitter before he could reply. Classy.

Given there’s a debate about whether elected MPs should be allowed to block non-abusive followers on Twitter (across the pond, Trump was banned from doing so by a judge), people weren’t impressed by Raab’s move.

Many labelled it childish.

But then the jokes came flooding in.

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