Brexit: Labour MP Jess Phillips praised for impassioned speech aimed at Theresa May

With the Brexit deadline just over a month away the Commons continues to be in disarray as to what direction the country is heading in.

Will Theresa May's maligned deal be passed? Will Article 50 be extended? Will we remain or will it be a no deal? Or maybe a second referendum?

All of these scenarios still seem possible but what politicians are actually doing anything about this chaotic situation?

A handful of backbenchers have attempted to raise their concerns about the state of Brexit, including Labour's Jess Phillips.

Yesterday the MP for Birmingham Yardley accused May of having an 'utter lack of bravery' and pleaded with her to vote against a no deal.

I feel so enraged this week with the complete and utter lack of bravery to do the right thing for our country and, maybe it's because I've spent my week in my constituency trying to put out the burning injustices that the Prime Minister's government has started where I live.

I will not sit one more day and listen to her crow about employing going up where where I live employment is falling and hunger is rising I have one, one midwife for the entirety of my constituency currently, there are people in my constituency living in hotels and they have to move out because Crufts is coming to Birmingham.

Will the prime minister do a brave thing and do once what is best for the country not what is best for any of us? Do what is best for the country, will she be brave and at least answer the question of my colleague, is will she at least vote herself against no-deal?

The PM's response wouldn't have been what Phillips would have been hoping for as she essentially dodged the question.

I say to the honourable lady, I recognise the passion with which she raises and makes the point about her constituency.

But can I just say that there is...time and time again I am asked questions in this chamber, the implication of which is to try to deny the facts of the situation that is before us.

And the facts of the situation are very simple; this House will have a decision to take but there are only three options that will be before this House.

it is to leave the European Union with a deal, to leave without a deal or to revoke article 50 and have no Brexit. 

I've been clear that the last of those is one that I will not support and I believe this House should not support because it will be going back on the result of the referendum.

Although May didn't answer Phillips's question the passion and guile that she showed when addressing the PM has earned her a lot of praise online.

HT Channel 4 News

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