A meninist tried to email this Labour MP and call her 'sexist'. He failed spectacularly

Making a mistake when sending an email can render you jobless, (sending your boss a scathingly critical email of him meant for your friend?) but this man's error is perfection.

A meninist sent Labour MP Jess Phillips an email criticizing her video on the wage gap as sexist, he didn't realise that he'd inadvertently complimented her instead.

The letter reads as eloquently and coherently as you would expect, with a dash of pseudo-economics and a whole lot of mansplaining:

Just saw your video about the wage gap, do you not know how to differentiate between wage and earnings the reason men are paid more is because there’s more of a male work force. You see one man doesn’t get paid more than a woman for the same job the problem is there are not as many women working as a lot of women simply choose not to do the dirty remedial jobs and dangerous jobs that a lot of men do. The reason they choose not to do those jobs is because most women are idolised and most have become lazy and choose to raise families on benefits.

God actually do some research you should be ashamed wasting tax payers money on a mythical argument

But what tickled Phillips is the subject title, which, rather than reading "sexist" was instead written as "sexiest":

Twitter users pounced on the mistake, because of course:

'A' for effort, sir.

Next time, work better on your delivery.

Source: Wonderfulworldofwebdesign
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