Brexit campaign 'Ladies for Leave' roasted for vowing to 'protect our children's votes'

Brexit campaign 'Ladies for Leave' roasted for vowing to 'protect our children's votes'

Earlier this week, the Ladies for Leave campaign, fronted by Tory MP Esther McVey, was launched and immediately met with ridicule.

The campaign is aiming to encourage women who back Brexit to come forward and share why they voted to leave and how parliament has let them down.

The launch to the campaign featured a host of women, including McVey, talk about how male voices had dominated the Brexit talks so far and they want to change that situation.

Another video that was published around the launch of the campaign features a woman named Belinda De Lucy, a mother of four, who voted for Brexit in order to protect her children's right to vote.

Hi, my name's Belinda. I'm a mum of four little girls and I voted to leave the EU. I believe very strongly and passionately that noble ideas such as democracy and sovereignty should be protected and not up for sale for trade and travel perks.

We are guardians of that precious right for our children to put that cross at the ballot box with as much punch as possible because our Parliament is not protecting those rights.

Our Parliament has ceded that sovereignty and democracy without our consent with its corrosive relationship with the EU. So long as we are members of the EU our cross at the ballot box will get weaker, more diluted and I will fight for my children's right to have that power back at the ballot box and hold our politicians to account and to choose who makes our laws and who governs over us.

Much like the previous video, Belinda's demands to protect her children's vote, despite people not being able to vote until they are 18 and the majority of young people overwhelmingly voting to stay in the EU in 2016, has been torn to shreds on Twitter.

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