This video of a huge queue of lorries is proving to be the ultimate ‘told-you-so’ to Brexiteers

This video of a huge queue of lorries is proving to be the ultimate ‘told-you-so’ to Brexiteers

A video of a miles-long traffic jam of lorries at a port in Dover is proving to be the ultimate encapsulation of all the problems that pro-EU activists feared about the impact of Brexit

Footage of the queue on the M20, which has been shared by Sky News, shows hundreds of lorries attempting to get into the port as companies frantically stockpile ahead of the Brexit deadline as fears of a no-deal increase. 

The looming Christmas holiday has also obviously increased activity along the stretch of road which has undergone tests but even that resulted in a five-mile queue. There have also been reports of huge record-breaking queues in Holyhead, Wales as companies trading with Ireland attempt to get their goods across the Irish sea before checks and sanctions are introduced. 

This short video is thus proving to be something akin to schadenfreude for Remainers who have spent the best part of the last four years predicting that scenes like this would happen if the government didn’t get their act together and strike a deal.

At the time of writing the possibility of a Brexit-deal is said to be ‘in the balance’ with negotiations said to go on for the remainder of the weekend after the deadline was extended further. Reports suggest that the EU and the UK government still have major differences of opinion on fisheries and the so-called ‘level playing field rule.’ The European Parliament wants there to be a deal struck by Sunday so they can finalise an agreement by 31st December.

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