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Reminder: It’s almost one more month until the Brexit deadline, and we have gotten nowhere.

Of course it doesn’t help that the meaningful vote, which was meant to happen on Wednesday this week, has yet again been extended by the prime minister, Theresa May.

May, who just landed in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt for further Brexit meetings, told reporters on her flight that the new date for the vote will now be on 12 of March, which is exactly 17 days before the UK is meant to leave the EU... pressure much?

The prime minister claims that, while she is making progress in securing changes to the existing deal, more time is still needed – but promised that it is still "within our grasp to leave the European Union with a deal on 29 March".

Furious MPs have taken to Twitter to express their contempt about the decision, accusing May of dangerously "running down the clock".

Others have also voiced their disbelief that May has pushed back the vote again, accusing her of "reckless contempt" and being "near-criminally irresponsible".

No rush guys, take your time – it's only the fate of an entire country we're waiting on.

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