Department for Brexit mocked after accidentally praising the EU


The UK's Brexit Department has come under fire for Tweeting graphs on trade and economic growth that seem to indicate the benefits of staying in the European Union.

The Department for Exiting the European Union (DExEU) has been mercilessly ridiculed online after posting graphs on the growing trade since the Second World War, presumably in an attempt to assure people Brexit will go well for the UK.

However, more than anything it seems to perfectly underline the importance and benefits of the UK's membership in the European Union from 1973 onwards.

People are taking the opportunity to mock the DExEU, as the graphs seem to explicitly highlight just how dependent Britain is and was on trade links and deals with the other European Union states.

The trade graph, tweeted out by the official DExEU account, can be seen here.

Almost instantly, an eagle-eyed tweeter pointed out that the illustration seemed to omit a key detail - that detail being the reason for the growth in trade in the 1970's.

The UK actually joined the EEC in 1973 where the total trade is on the rise and, if pointing it out wasn't enough, they then offered the following graph to highlight this.

The ridicule is seemingly endless for the DExEU.

One person was quick to point out the elephant in the room.

Quite the faux pas.

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