Question Time: Gina Miller outlines why no-deal Brexit should have been planned for when Article 50 was triggered

The business owner Gina Miller has won praise after clearly outlining on BBC Question Time why a no-deal Brexit will be so "dangerous" for the UK.

The 53-year-old activist who has previously won High Court rulings over the government's approach to Brexit won applause from the audience in Lincoln for her breakdown of the reality of a no deal.

In a speech that was under two minutes, she managed to highlight the many legal boundaries and agencies the UK has to set up in order for a no deal to work, many of which are yet to be put in place.

There are some really significant, big issues about no deal and it's not to do with trade because actually, no deal means no transition.

So, on the morning of the 30th March, we would have to have replicated every EU regulatory body and agency.

That is chemicals, aviation, nuclear, finance, everything. There are a significant number of agencies. We don't have one in place yet.

Also, for no deal to be legal, a raft of legislation has to be passed. There are six major bills that have to go through the House of Commons which haven't even started their passage.

There are 600 secondary bits of legislation that are attached to the EU, and we’ve only done 200 so far.

No deal should have started being planned for the day they triggered article 50 if that was the legal outcome, which it was because of my case.

They only started planning for it late last year. This is the depth of incompetence. This is why no deal is so dangerous because they didn't start it soon enough.

Most other countries started planning for no deal way before this. Like, early last year. We do not have the infrastructure.

It's not about lettuce or tomatoes. This is about agencies, infrastructure and legislation, all of which will have to be put in place in six weeks.

We don't have it. That is the hard truth.

Miller's speech seems to come in response to a man in the audience who admitted that he as a "resilient" nation we can find a way to "get a few lettuces from Spain to England."

A clip of Miller's explanation of the scenario that no deal currently finds itself in has been shared by the Question Time Twitter and has already been viewed more than 49,000 times and there has been a lot of praise for her words.

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