Brexiteer tells LBC radio he will 'climb a mountain to get a banana' if there are food shortages after no-deal

Remember in 2017 when a member of the Question Time audience said that she voted for Brexit so she could get 'curvy bananas back'?

Yet, as we get closer to the Brexit deadline without any deal in place, the prospect of picking up a bunch of any type of banana is looking less and less likely.

Well, luckily for banana lovers everywhere, one man has found a way to get those bananas back in your fruit bowl. The answer: climbing a mountain, of course.

A Brexit voter laid out this ingenious plan to LBC radio's Matt Stadlen on Monday after saying that he wasn't buying into the fearmongering of a no-deal.

The man, named Craig, spoke to Stadlen about food shortages and what he is prepared to do to prevent himself from going hungry.

Beyond this hysteria and all this sort of economy rah rah rah, at the end of the day I'm a human being, if I need a banana, I'm gonna get a banana.

A bemused Stadlen asked Craig where he will get these bananas, as this type of fruit doesn't grow on these isles.

I'll go and get 'em myself, I'll climb the mountains of, anywhere, and get them. Sweden doesn't grow any bananas, they've got plenty.

What I'm saying is that beyond all of this politics is that if people need something they are going to get it.

Stadlen then decides to bring in another caller, called Tim, who obviously didn't approve of Craig's banana retrieving methods.

My goodness me, this is why this country's in a muddle isn't it? We've got someone who thinks they can get a banana anywhere, Iain Duncan Smith who thinks he won't lose a job.

Craig didn't like the Iain Duncan Smith reference:

Who is Iain Duncan Smith anyway, mate? All I'm saying is if I need something, I'm gonna go and get it.

They bicker backwards and forwards until Tim refuses to carry on speaking to Craig, which as Stadlen comments is a slightly 'arrogant' approach to debating.

Tim eventually comes back at tells Craig to talk to the EU about bananas as they will probably think he is 'bananas'. Craig quips back:

EU or UK, they are two letters at the end of the day. If I need to eat food, I'm going to get food.

Tim concludes by saying "well done, good for you". At least they came to some sort of settlement which is a lot better than the actual Brexit negotiations.


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