Brexit Party founder claims that Pakistani patients are flying into UK to have operations in non-existent hospital

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One of the founders of the Brexit Party, Catherine Blaiklock has been accused of lying and stoking racism after claiming that patients from Pakistan are flying into the UK to use the NHS, at a hospital that doesn't exist.

On Tuesday, Blaiklock tweeted that she received a text from an anonymous source which read:

Major operations are sold in Pakistan and performed by the NHS in London. Patients arrive at Heathrow and are collected and take to Slough General. Everyone is on the take abusing the system.

However, Blaiklock, who established the Brexit Party in January before being succeeded by Nigel Farage, after it was revealed that she supported anti-Islam messages, doesn't appear to have done her own research before posting the tweet.

What the 56-year-old failed to do was actually look up what hospitals are in Slough. If she had done that she would have discovered that there is no such hospital called 'Slough General' something that was soon pointed out to her by Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, the MP for Slough and James Swindlehurst, the borough council leader.

Blaiklock's tweet has since been widely condemned and mocked by people pointing out that not only is it false but that Slough isn't even in London and Pakistan isn't in the EU.

Channel 4 News Fact Check have also contacted Blaiklock for more information but she is yet to respond nor has she deleted the tweet, despite calls to do so.

A Brexit Party spokesperson told the Indy100:

As we told the press days ago, when this Tweet surfaced, Catherine has not been involved with the Brexit Party for some time now. Will not be commenting.

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