Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman is being mocked after he bragged that British taxpayers paid for his “nice fleet” of Mercedes in Brussels.

The controversial MEP posted two pictures on the social networking platform, one of him and one of the car he was provided with along with a caption: “No need to take taxis in Brussels, if you’re an MEP. Thankfully the British taxpayer has paid for a nice fleet of Mercs and very charming drivers.”

There’s just one problem (well there’s several, but one that is most pressing):

It’s not a Mercedes car, it’s a Skoda.


Forman was mercilessly mocked online

Definitely a Skoda

"It cHaNgEs nOtHiNg," Forman said

One woman questioned his need for a private car and chauffeur - surely public transport is fine?

The MEP responded to that particular criticism by claiming that public transport would be a "further expensive to the EU"

"Given that the limo drivers are paid for and there waiting for MEPs at their beck and call, taking any other form of transport would add further expense to the EU. Seems the Limos are public transport as paid for by the public. The whole EU is a shameless gravy train."

Uh, what?

But...the public transport situation in Brussels is really, really good...

And someone worked out that public transport is in fact cheaper

Others pointed out that if he's concerned with taxpayers' money, maybe he should forego an MEP salary

And finally, there is this concern:

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