Nigel Farage was asked why he took a private plane to France and his reaction says it all

Nigel Farage was asked why he took a private plane to France and his reaction says it all

Nigel Farage isn't often left speechless (unfortunately) but when he is, he can come across like a flabbergasted rabbit in the headlights.

The former UKIP leader and one of the chief Eurosceptics who convinced people to vote to Leave the EU in the 2016 referendum, was interviewed in Strasbourg, France, the home of the European Parliament, on Wednesday morning by Channel 4.

Farage was asked how he had managed to get from London - where he had appeared on Channel 4 news after Theresa May's crushing defeat in the Commons on Tuesday evening - to Strasbourg in such a short amount of time.

"Remarkable, isn't it? Yes. A sort of Peter Pan-like existence," he replies.

The Channel 4 reporter, Matt Frei, then questions him on what transport he used to get to northeast France, noting that it wasn't by Eurostar. Farage, who is already looking flustered, replies:

No, no, no. I managed to get here.

It wasn't the cheapest thing I've ever done, but I got here.

Frei quickly quips back asking him if he got there by a "private plane".

Farage tries to respond to the accusation but only makes the situation worse for himself.

A little plane that hopped us over, yes.

He then confirms that he paid for the plane himself, which prompts Frei to ask this question.

That's a very elitist thing to do, Nigel Farage. You're always ranting against the elite and here you are swannoing around on a private plane.

The interview is only 20 seconds in at this point and Farage is already rattled. He snaps back:

Well I mean, if the taxpayers want to fund it, I'd be delighted but I shan't be asking them.

Frei hits back:

But you're flying around in private planes and you're constantly ranting at the elite in London.

Farage then tries to give an explanation as to why he was using a private plane but it doesn't wash with Frei.

He then tries to complain that 'he's doing his job' and 'doesn't get much sleep' before claiming that he doesn't know how much the plane cost.

As long as your name is not 'Nigel Farage,' the whole scene proved to be very satisfying and it soon gained a lot of love on Twitter.

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