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Brexiteer Tom Harwood took to Twitter to boast about the size of a crowd at a Brexit Party rally, and it goes without saying that people were quick to point out the obvious.

In a tweet, the Guido Fawkes reporter said:

Peterborough rally for the Brexit Party. When was the last time British politics saw something like this?? Astonishing. They’re doing three rallies a week!

He then compared it to a video of the London Change UK rally, which appeared to have considerably fewer people present, writing:

meanwhile at Change UK...

The first Brexit Party rally was held in Peterborough on May 7, and between 1,500 and 1,800 people are believed to have been in attendance at the town's Kingsgate Conference Centre, reports Cambridgeshire Live.

However, despite the impressive turnout, people on Twitter were quick to point out that many other left-wing rallies, gatherings and protests have seen considerably larger crowds present.

Some brought up Jeremy Corbyn's appearance at Glastonbury in 2017.

And the crowds he managed to draw in 2016.

How about the SNP?

Erm, and the 'stop Brexit' Remain marches...

Corbyn again?

Some people were inevitably impressed.

But another summed it up.

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