Pig farmer who voted for Brexit says she voted for people to be ‘more patriotic’

Pig farmer who voted for Brexit says she voted for people to be ‘more patriotic’

A pig farmer in East Yorkshire has claimed that she voted for Brexit so people would be “more patriotic” despite the effect of leaving the European Union has had on her line of work.

The impact of Brexit on the pig farming industry and the departure of many foreign butchers has caused a huge backlog at abattoirs across the country and there are fears that as many as 150,000 pigs could be culled on farms as a result, leaving the meat that would usually go into the food chain, to go to waste.

The farmer in question, Kate, was talking on Women’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 and complained about Boris Johnson’s comments that the slaughter of thousands of pigs was part of the “necessary post-Brexit transition”.

However, a question from a listener quizzed “why she is now complaining about the predicted aspects of Brexit when she gleefully welcomed Brexit? Does she now regret her support for leaving the EU?”

In response, Kate said: “Yes, I did vote for Brexit but I can assure people that I didn’t vote for this. I voted for people to be more patriotic. I voted for the government to look after ourselves, to put border controls in.

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“There’s a number of things I voted for. I went to a number of meetings, nearly one a week. I was very educated in my vote and I respected other people’s vote and they should respect my vote.”

Kate went on to blame the processors who “knew that they had 60 per cent of EU workers in their factories” and understood why many European workers wanted to return home because of coronavirus.

In reaction, many people sympathised with her but still failed to fully understand the reason why she voted to leave.

Around 800 butchers will reportedly be given temporary visas to come and work in the UK for six months. Those wishing to apply for the jobs have up until December 31st to register.

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