Brexit: Richard Dawkins believes David Cameron will be "damned by history"

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The renowned atheist Richard Dawkins is well known for the disdain that he has shown towards God and religion but there is something else that has begun to bother him.

Like many of us, Dawkins has been left thoroughly disgruntled and bemused by Brexit and he feels that one person should take the blame; David Cameron.

Speaking to theNew Statesmen, Dawkins believes that history will not be kind on the former prime minister and that he shouldn't have ever called the referendum.

What I feel passionately is that [David] Cameron should never have called that referendum.

Cameron will be damned by history as one of the worst prime ministers ever for sacrificing the long-term future of the country for the sake of a petty internal squabble.

Whilst Cameron has himself said that he doesn't regret calling the referendum, the way that Brexit has gone makes things a little less forgivable.

The entire Brexit scenario doesn't fill Dawkins with confidence who told the New Statesman that he is trying to learn German 'as a gesture of solidarity.'

He does concede that he isn't as knowledgeable on the EU to give any in-depth thoughts on the issue but does add that a result like 52 to 48 wouldn't have been binding by US constitutional law.

A simple 50 per cent majority is not good enough on an issue this important.

Whilst, he is clearly not a fan of Cameron, he also feels that Theresa May has been blinded by some sort of 'theological mantra.'

[May] shown a quasi-religious impulse in her obstinate determination to see Brexit through because that’s what the British people want.

It’s almost a kind of theological mantra.

Dawkins disdain of Brexit has been a long-standing one.

In March 2017 he reiterated to BBC Newsnight that a two-thirds majority should have been applied to the referendum and that "the costs and benefits will resonate down the decades."

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