Brexit might never happen according to Vince Cable


Just over a year has passed since the EU referendum took place, yet Brexit feels no closer - in fact, it might not happen at all.

At least that's what prominent member of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable thinks.

On the possibility of Britain remaining a member of the EU, he told Business Insider: "It's certainly a possibility. It's not yet a probability."

Cable's comments come as no surprise to anyone: the Lib Dems centred their general election campaign around holding another EU referendum, but their vote share collapsed. Cable told BI:

I think it is right to aim for Britain remaining in the single market and customs union and retaining all of the collaborative arrangements around research and environment standards. They are things we should be fighting for. 

But it may be that at the end of it, we are faced with a stark choice between crashing out of the EU with no deal or a very bad deal, or on the other hand going back to membership. That's why my party argues we should have a further vote on this.

Staunch Remainer that Cable is, some might wonder if his statement either stems from hope, or is a rallying cry. He added:

I think people are beginning to see that this hard Brexit option which is being promoted both by the government and the Labour Party is profoundly damaging and people are desperately trying to find a way of mitigating the damage, or indeed stopping it.

Cancelling Brexit would certainly make a dizzying U-turn for the UK and shift conversation from the neglected 48% to the deserted 52%.

In another, more likely, big change, the newly re-elected MP for Twickenham is hoping to replace Tim Farron as Lib Dem leader later this month. It remains to be seen if his leadership bring the embattled party the 'Lib Dem fight back' they hope for.

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