Brexit has sent a lot of people in the UK into a genuine tailspin, with decision making and logic being completely thrown out the window ages ago.

During Monday's second round of indicative votes on where on Earth we should go next with Brexit, David Davies - no not David Davis, another one - decided to add another option to those that were selected by speaker John Bercow.

The Tory MP, who is a staunch Brexiteer, decided it would be top bantz to add a 'WTO Brexit' to the ballot sheet and later complained about why it wasn't even considered as an option.

Many Brexiteers are keen for the UK to crash out of Europe with a no-deal and enter the World Trade Organisation, a trading system based on tariffs and permits where all of its members are treated equally.

However, explaining how the UK would actually enter the WTO has proved a little difficult for Brexiteers thus far, and Davies' little strop in the Commons has seen the MP for Monmouth mocked for his act of defiance, with many pointing out that a no-deal would probably end in the UK entering the WTO.

It should also be noted that Davies constituency of Monmouth voted to remain.

Labour MP Stella Creasy probably had the best response, which led to a spat with Julia Hartley-Brewer that produced an even better response.

HT The Poke

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