We at indy100 love nothing more than a Breixteer completely and utterly owning themselves. Thankfully, it's happened again.

This time, a no-deal Brexit enthusiast in York has attempted to argue that the World Trade Organisation rules are 'far better than what we have at the moment'.

There's only one problem... they can't name a single WTO rule. Ouch.

The moment was caught on video by Femi Oluwole, a People's Vote and Remain activist, and it's an absolute must-see.

It starts out with the Brexiteer saying:

WTO rules are far better than what we have at the moment.

So, Oluwole interjects:

Can you name one WTO rule?

Cue the tumbleweed...

I can't name them individually...

Again, Oluwole refuses to drop the matter...

A single... just one?

The man then rolls out the classic:

17.4 million people voted to leave and you're not being democratic if you're wanting to change that.

Yes, that's all well and good, but it doesn't really answer the question, does it...

He then gets pressed on what the Single Market is... no idea. Any other facts and figures? Nothing.

We're beginning to notice a suspicious trend in people attempting to argue that a no-deal Brexit will be a good thing, without a single argument to back up their claims.

Only last week, Spectator columnist and arch Brexiteer James Delingpole went on This Week with Andrew Neil and attempted to argue for a no-deal Brexit, however, he was left speechless when questioned further on the details.

Perhaps it's because it's a catastrophically bad idea?

Watch the entire video here:

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