Pro-Brexit James Delingpole left speechless when trying to defend no deal on live TV

When it comes to Brexit it's proving increasingly difficult to know exactly what is going to happen.

Will we get a deal? Will we crash out without a deal? What about all those bills and tariffs? Will Article 50 be extended? What about a second referendum? Can we go on holiday anymore?

It's all very confusing and even some so-called-experts are getting in a muddle when trying to argue their case for leaving or remaining in the European Union.

If you want a prime example of this then look no further than last night's episode of This Week featuring the pro-Brexit journalist James Delingpole.

The 53-year-old, who currently works as the executive editor of Breitbart London, appeared alongside the Tory MP Sam Gyimah and Labour's Caroline Flint, as well as host Andrew Neil.

Delingpole's appearance on the show was strange from start to finish and began with him dressed up as some sort of zombie ghoul, in the show's weekly film, that proposed that 'no deal is our only salvation' and that the World Trade Organisation is the way forward for Britain.

However, Delingpole's confidence in the WTO was soon pulled up by both Gyimah and Flint who highlighted why a no deal would be so catastrophic for British businesses.

When it came to Delingpole's chance to explain why a WTO/no-deal Brexit would work for the UK things didn't go so well for him.

"I don't know the answer to that" really does sum up Brexit, doesn't it?

Since this aired Twitter has been awash with tweets about Delingpole as people are revelling in the schadenfreude.

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