MPs might have wrestled control of the Brexit process away from Theresa May, but they didn't manage to break the Brexit impasse after failing to find a Commons majority for any of the eight Brexit options that had been presented.

The eight options included a second referendum, a no-deal Brexit, a customs union, revoking Article 50, and membership of the European Economic Area (EEA).

A no-deal Brexit was one of the least popular options, with MPs voting it down 400 to 160. A confirmatory public vote, which would have given the public the opportunity to vote in a referendum over the final deal, missed the mark by just 27 votes (27 Labour MPs defied the Whip and voted against Margaret Becket’s amendment) 268 to 295.

With less than two weeks to go until the first Brexit deadline on the 12 April, the public is becoming increasingly frustrated by the state of the negotiations (and lack thereof).

Theresa May promised Tory MPs that she would resign as prime minister if they backed her Brexit deal, while the DUP has said it will not support May’s Brexit deal in a new vote.

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